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    Jaison Palm

    Is the app compatible with android tablets and is the interface similar to the iPad app?

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    David Kennedy

    Hi Jaison-- Yes, the app is compatible with Android tablets (the tablet must have an operating system of 5.0 or above). The scoring interface is very similar to the iPad version of the app. 

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    Shawn Laverty

    on the android app how do you manually override the score?  I missed a run and could not figure out how to change it on the app.

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    David Kennedy

    Hi Mike-- we are working on player stats and hopefully, we will get them out for the app soon. Keep an eye out for future releases. 

    Shawn--you cannot manually edit the score yet on Android. This is another feature we are working on. We know how important that is so we are working hard on getting this into the app. 

    Thanks both of your for your continued patience while we work to get out Android app as good as the iOS version. 

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    I have been trying to follow a game on BOTH the Android app and Online. It updates about every 5 minutes. Then I will get ALL of the pitches, or it will just show that we now have 2 outs or a few runs. I have NO IDEA what just happened, and I have to pay $3 a month to find out. Not sure I want to pay for this app if that is how it runs....this app is not worth the space on my phone. I get better infomation from someone texting me updates. Done with GC.

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    Micah Morton

    Are there plans to also port over or develop the basketball GC app for android? If so, is there an idea of a time frame to do so?

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    Kevin Stewart

    Any progress on the items above (manually edit score, players stats, ?


    On the ipad, there would be a split screen when scoring (shows the field and either the lineup or plays or stats).  Is this possible with the Android tablet?

    It seems to only work in portrait.  Will it not auto rotate to landscape?


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    Nathan Stanton

    Hi Kevin, 

    We just released a season stats view for admins in the android app and are hard at work on additional stat views. We don't have a landscape view for scorekeeping yet on the android tablet. Every couple weeks we push out a new Android app so stay tuned!




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