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    Jake Mitchell

    Good Article

    I coach an 8U Girls Fastpitch team and we have certain rules for the defensive positions for every inning.  Can't play the same position twice, each girl has to play the infield twice...yada yada.

    So, in essence we are supposed to have a 5 inning defense printed out for every game (each inning moving the girls around based on our league rules).  

    Instead of changing all 10 players on the fly, every inning, is there a way to set your defense in this manner (for all 5 innings)?  Thanks.

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    I came looking for similar info as to what Jake is asking about. We have essentially a complete change of fielders for each inning (AA little league division). Getting them all into positions before the pitching starts is very hard. I'd like to be able to set the lineup for all 6 innings before the game starts. I'm really only concerned about the named fielders for our own team. Or I can leave the positions un-named and then after the game go back to each inning and set up the positions with named players. 

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