Canceling Your Subscription

To Cancel Your Subscription
1) Sign in to the account (on for which the Premium Access subscription was purchased (cannot be done on the app). 

2) Scroll over the dropdown menu labeled by your name.

3) Click Manage Subscription.

4) Select Cancel Subscription.

From the Billing tab on your account page, you may also change the subscription billing cycle or update your billing information.
Note: Once a subscription has been canceled the user will not be charged the next time a payment is due. However, the user will NOT be refunded for their payment(s) upon canceling a subscription. If you would like a refund for your subscription contact the GameChanger support staff.
*If you are not seeing the 'Cancel Subscription' button but believe you are still being charged, you are most likely signed in with the incorrect email address from which the subscription was purchased. You must be signed into the account that was originally used to make the purchase.


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    your cancel subscription button does not work.

    Pleas cancel my subscription.


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