Scheduling Games, Editing Game Details & Creating Schedule Alerts

Team admins can schedule games on the app or on the website. Any information entered on the website will sync to the device and vice versa. 

We encourage teams to enter their schedule on a computer because the computer keyboards are more user-friendly than those found on tablets or phones. 

Schedule or create a game online:

1) Log in to your GameChanger account at
2) From your "Team News" page, click on the Schedule tab.
3) Click the Add Game option.
4) Enter in the Game Details.
5) Click Save.




When scheduling a game from the website or Scorekeeper app, an admin can configure the game’s details (date, time, game type, location). Admins may edit a game’s details at any time, even after the game has been completed, by following the steps outlined below.

Click here for help with editing the name of an opposing team.

How to Edit Game Details on the Web

1) Open the Schedule tab. 
2) Click the Edit Event Details link to the right of the game.
3) Make desired edits to the game details.
4) Click Save Changes.

Note: You will only be given the option to input the game results when you select a date and time prior to the present.

​How to Edit Game Details on the App 

1) Open the team's Schedule page.
2) Tap on the game for which you wish to edit the Game Details.
3) Select Edit Game.
4) Make the desired edits.
5) Tap Done.​

Schedule Alerts

Admins now have the ability to alert their team community of any changes made to the team's schedule. After adding and/or editing a game to the schedule, a box will appear that will give Admins the ability to alert certain members of the team's community. This can be done from both the web and the app. 

On the Web

On the App 


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