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    This is a good tip, but there's one thing that trips me up every time.  I like to the opponent's roster into the GC website prior to the game.  When I go to create the lineup I am only shown each player's first initial and last name (e.g. J. Smith).  The problem is that most coaches only write first names on their lineup cards (e.g. John).  This makes it very time consuming to ensure I am adding the correct player from the team's roster.  

    Is there any way to have GameChanger to show first name + last name when entering lineups?  Or maybe just the first name?

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    Stephani O'Brien

    I am having the same problem...would also like to see my roster by first name and not last name...

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    David Scott

    I have a related problem - I have a set of triplets on my team so it's really tough to tell them apart.

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