Game Recap Stories

GameChanger has teamed up with Narrative Science to use the data captured while scoring with the free GameChanger Scorekeeper app to craft newspaper quality "Game Recap Stories" immediately after a game.
If generated, a newspaper icon will appear next to the game results on the team Schedule page or under the "Recap Story" tab found in the post-game box score.

If a Recap Story appears to be incorrect please let our support staff know by writing in to
  • GameChanger support staff cannot add or remove content to the Game Recaps generated. 
  • A game must have at least 3 full innings of game data before it will qualify for production of a Recap Story.

We encourage users to share recap stories with friends, family and the local media.  Any reuse or republication of this story must include the preceding attribution. 
"Powered by Narrative Science and GameChanger. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved."


Recap Story FAQs

How are recap stories generated so quickly?
Narrative Science is the result of a joint research project at Northwestern University Schools of Engineering and Journalism. The company has developed programs to generate narratives from "almost any data set, be it numbers or text, structured or unstructured."
Their first narration was of a Northwestern Wildcat baseball game.
Why do some story details appear to be incorrect? 
Some of these errors may be in the technology, other inaccuracies may be the result of scorekeeper errors and box score editing after the game has been completed.
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