Inviting the Team Community

GameChanger makes it easy for fans, family, and local media to follow your team.  Here's how:

Send Invites to the Team Community at

1) Login and go to a GameChanger team page.
2) Click  "Send Invites".
3) Choose if you want to import addresses from Gmail or Yahoo. You may also enter emails in manually. 
4) Assign roles.  
We will deliver an email invite to each email address with instructions on how to follow your GameChanger team. We will also deliver an email when the first pitch is scored, and when the game is over with links to the box score and recap story. 

Send an Invite to Players or Family on the App
1)      Login and go to the team page within the app
2)      Click the “Send Invites” button
3)      Choose “Players” or “Family”
4)      Enter in the email address of the Player or Family member you wish to invite
5)      Select the Player’s name or the Player who is associated with the Family member
6)      Click “Send”



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