Basketball Stats

The GameChanger Scorekeeping app for Basketball currently calculates the following stat categories for each player on a season and game by game basis:

  • Basic Team Stats (2P%, 3P%, FT%, PF, eFG%, TS%, PTS)
  • 2-Point Shooting (2P%, 2P Attempts/Game, 2P Made/Game, 2P Attempted, 2P Made)
  • 3-Point Shooting (3P%, 3P Attempts/Game, 3P Made/Game, 3P Attempted, 3P Made)
  • Efficiency (eFG%, FG%, TS%, Field Goals Attempted, Field Goals Attempted/Game, Field Goals Made, Field Goals Made/Game)
  • Free Throws (FT%, FTA, FTM, FTA per Game, FTM per Game)
  • Turnovers
  • Rebounds 
  • Assists
  • Steals
  • Blocks

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  • A Fan must have an active Premium Access subscription in order to view both live game and season stats.

Viewing Stats from the Website

1) Open the team site.
2) Select the game for which you would like view the stats, or open the Stats tab to view season stats.
3) Toggle between the two teams to view their roster's basic stats, or open the Stats tab to view the players' expanded stats.

Viewing Stats within the App (Admin)

1) Select the Stats option in the right-hand corner from within any game.
2) Select from the following options: Matchup, Detail, Shot Charts.

Viewing Stats within the App (Fan)

The GameChanger app does not yet display player stats within the app for Fans. By selecting a game and choosing "View Game" the fans can access the play by play stream, but no box score will be available. We intend to make this content available for Fans as well in a future release.

Screenshot: Basketball GameStream as seen on the website

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    Adam Procopio

    what happened to the basketball game clock feature?

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