Removing a Fan




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    Andy Commander

    So only confirmed members of the community may access season stats, so how do i revoke someone's confirmed membership. For example, a player/parent that left the team and is now with a competing team. I don't want them seeing our spray chart or our stats. How can i remove people who are no longer part of the team from being able to see the season stats?

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    I am curious on Andy's question.  Is there a way to remove people that have left the team?

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    David Kennedy

    Andy and Russ, 

    You will not be able to remove a fan altogether that has left the team. They would need to remove themselves.

    When you privatize stats and spray charts, you always have the ability to remove relationships from the community tab on your team's page. If you gave access to a certain follower that you would like to revoke, go to the 'community tab', go down to that followers name and press 'remove relationship'. 

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