Adding/Removing Team Admins




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    Kathryn Morris

    We have an admin that left our organization a few months ago, she spoke with GC techs to set up our sync with our team web page inside Sports Engine. I like to score with Gamechanger. Not Sports Engine.  If I try to remove her from our admin team on GC, a message pops up saying if I remove her, the sync and information will be lost and will not be able to be retrieved.. The sync between Gamechanger and Sports Engine is working regarding the scheduled games and some stats , but not for our player roster... how can I remove that admin, retain the synced info and get a sync of our individual players on Sports Engine website..? Please. Thank you, KM. 

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    David Kennedy

    Hi Kathryn, would you mind emailing us directly at so that we can help you better? Thanks!

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