Adding Team Admins

Every GameChanger team is allowed up to three Team Admins, so if you can't make a game, your team can still track stats and broadcast live updates to fans.

How to Add an Admin from the Web

1) From the "Team News" tab, choose "+Add Admin" from your Team Admins section
2) The potential Admin will receive an email informing them that they have been added as an Admin.  

How to Add an Admin from the App

​1) From the team's home screen, select "Send Invites". 
2) Select "Admins". 
3) From there, you are able to send out invites to any email address.   

Managing Team Admins

1) From the "Community" tab, current Admins can select the Make Admin  option next to the Fan they would like to promote.
2) You may also remove Admins from this tab.


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