Scorekeeping Training

New to scorekeeping? New to digital scorekeeping? We're happy to teach you and/or your team's scorekeepers how to score on our free scorekeeping app. 

Scorekeeper Cheat Sheets

Want to learn more fast? Need to train a new scorekeeper or parent on the fly? Then download and print one of our Scorekeeper Cheat Sheets.

These Cheat Sheets have simple, step-by-step directions that can turn anyone into a scorekeeper. We even include some advanced tips for features that commonly used.

Download the Baseball / Softball Scorekeeping Cheat Sheet.

Download the Basketball Scorekeeping Cheat Sheet. 

Attending a Scorekeeping Demo

Looking for a deeper dive into GameChanger? Watch our online training demos. The GameChanger mobile app offers users the ability to enter a practice scorekeeping mode where they can easily begin testing the scorekeeping interface. The teams will already have complete rosters, and game data will not sync to the website, so you are free to explore the scoring experience as you'd like.

Scoring a Practice Game

Signed out - From the app's home screen, select tap button labeled Score a Practice Game.

Signed in - Tap the menu icon,  , along the top of the app while viewing a team page. Select “Practice Scorekeeping” from the following screen, then choose the sport you wish to practice.

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