Correcting Missed Substitutions




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    There is a flaw in the app. I am the admin for the game. I tried the above approach to change plays but when I tap on the play nothing happens. I have tried using the app on ipad, iphone, and in firefox on the PC.

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    I tried the above instructions for iOS and it seemed to work however the pitching stats updated but not properly. I had failed to change a pitcher mid inning but made the change at the start of the next inning. After the game ended I went in and made the correction using the instructions above and selected the option to change from that point forward. 

    The result was that the starting pitchers count was corrected properly, but the second pitchers count went down to 39 pitches (was at around 63 and this should have added 15 pitches after the correction.

    The feature is great! Perhaps has a couple of glitches to work out.

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