Designated Hitter, DP/Flex, Extra Hitters and Extended Lineups

AnchorDesignated Hitter

Admins may add a DH to the Lineup from both the Lineup editor on the team website as well as from within the Scorekeeper app.

From the GameChanger website:

1) Go into the Roster & Lineup tab
2) Click the "Lineup" sub-header
3) Click "Adjust Lineup"
4) Drag a player from the bench or choose a player already starting and change his or her position to DH
5) Below the list of Starters will be a new section where you will drag the player who is being DH'd for into the lineup
6) Save your edits

From the Scorekeeper app:

Set a DH
1) Add the player to be DH'd for to your lineup and assign that player to a position in the field;
2) Tap on the player who is going to be replaced in the batting order;
3) Beneath the list of positions is an option labeled, Set DH;
4) Choose the player currently on your bench who you wish to make the DH. 

Sit a DH
1) Tap on the player currently serving as the DH;
2) Tap the option below the DH's batting order information labeled, Sub Out of Lineup and click "Leave Empty".

Place a DH into the field
1) Remove the player as the DH;
2) The player will now be back on your team bench;
3) Sub that player in for another player currently in the game (For instruction on making substitutions).

AnchorInserting DP/Flex

The DP/Flex rule replaces the DH rule in Baseball.

To Set a DP/Flex:

1) Open a game from within the GameChanger app.
2) Add players to your team's lineup if you have not done so already.
3) Tap the player you wish to set as either the DP or Flex.
4) From within the section titled "DP/Flex" assign the player to one of the available or occupied positions.
5) Once you identify a DP or Flex, there will be an option to set the other position at the bottom of the Lineup.

To Bat the Flex in place of the DP:

Once you reach the DP player within the batting order, tap that player's information box below home plate, then select "Bat Flex Player" at the top of the menu.


- Upon identifying a Flex player, you must also identify the position in the field that the Flex player is playing.
- If you assign a player from the batting order as the Flex, that player will not be removed from the batting order. To set a Flex player who is not in the batting order, you must first assign a DP, then use the "Assign Flex" button at the bottom of the lineup. 

You can add any number of players to the batting lineup. Either from your team's GameChanger site or on the Scorekeeper app, just keep adding players. Each additional player you add, after you have occupied all fielding positions, will be added as an EH.
AnchorExtended Lineups
1) Open the Roster & Lineup tab.
2) Click Lineup.
3) Click Adjust Lineup.
4) Drag players from the Bench (on the right) to the Lineup (on the left); Save your lineup.
AnchorExtra Fielders

1) Start or enter a game on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.
2) Open the Game Menu.
3) Select the option labeled, Settings.
4) At the bottom select Rover or L/R Center under Short Fielder/Extra Outfielder.
This will create an extra player to appear as SF on the scoring screen. Rover will create a player right behind second base, while L/R Center will create another player in the outfield.

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