SportsEngine Integration for Existing GameChanger Users

GameChanger and SportsEngine have partnered up to allow baseball/softball teams to sync their schedule, roster, scores and stats between a GameChanger team account and their SportsEngine team page. When your team uses the free GameChanger iOS app to score your games, scores & stats from GameChanger will automatically sync to the team's corresponding SportsEngine page. 

Important Notes for Existing GameChanger Users:

  • SportsEngine will automatically create a brand new GameChanger team when you set up GameChanger Sync.
  • If you've already created a team & scored games on GameChanger and try to set up GameChanger Sync, your existing GameChanger team will not be connected to SportsEngine and games will not be carried over.
  • If you are creating a new season for your existing team and try to set up GameChanger Sync, we are unable to carry over data from previous seasons, including game stats, season stats, player stats, roster and schedules. 

To Configure the Integration:

  • Log into your SportsEngine team website and switch to "Edit Mode".    

  • Click "Manage Team" on the top right to open the Team Center website. 

  • On the left navigation, click "Integrations".

  • Press the green "Connect GameChanger" button. 

  • Enter your team information and click the "Sign In To Connect" button. 

  • Sign in with your GameChanger account or create a new GameChanger account. 

  • Click Allow to allow SportsEngine to create games and access data in GameChanger. 


Can I sync my team from SportsEngine if I don't have Admin privileges on SportsEngine?

Unfortunately, you can only sync your team to GC if you have admin privileges. The SportsEngine admin privileges allow the coach to access the "Edit Mode" on the team website to set up the sync. Please contact your league manager or SportsEngine webmaster to request admin privileges. 

I've already entered my roster and schedule on SportsEngine, does that sync to GameChanger?

You don't need to edit the roster or schedule twice. Changes to the roster and schedule will sync between SportsEngine and GameChanger. 

I'm a League Administrator, and I already manage stats for multiple teams on GC--what should I do?

Currently, there's no way to set up multiple teams at once. To set up your entire league, you'll need to connect each SportsEngine team page to GC individually. Once you've set up GC sync for each team, you'll need to add each team's coach or scorekeeper as an Team Admin on GC so they can keep score. If the entire league is going to use GC Sync, we recommend having only one of the two teams keep score at games. GC will only be syncing data from one team, which will provide stats for both teams. 

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