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    R Pflueger

    I really need the ability to create custom group messages on my android as a Manager. When do you think this feature will be available for Android?




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    R Pflueger

    I can message and make groups with my android now. Thanks alot.


    Would be nice to have messaging on the desktop as well.




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    Travis Leach

    Using Android, it definitely needs an optional feature to receive notifications when you receive a message in the app. A player sent me a text message to tell me she had sent me a message in GameChanger.

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    Danni Harrison

    I learned that the phone settings control messaging for iPhone, but as of yet, our experience has been the same as yours - Android has to look in the app for it.

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    David Kennedy

    Travis and Danni, 

    Thanks for the comments. It sounds like you just need to enable notifications from your device. To enable notifications on Android you should follow these steps:

      • Go to the native device Settings (not the GameChanger app Settings) 
      • Tap on "Apps"
      • Select the GameChanger app
      • Check Notifications to be enabled

    You can also message us directly at if you need any assistance. 

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