In-App Messaging


Coaches, Team Managers, Parents, & Players can now send and receive messages directly from the GameChanger app. For free. Game canceled? Practice moved indoors? Need help organizing rides home after practice? Team Messaging makes it easier for the entire team to stay on the same page. 

Or you can just use Team Messaging to share photos and videos from the game! Team messaging is available inside the app on the bottom right of the home screen. Users must download the app to use the messaging feature. 


Here are few additional Team Messaging feature designed to help your team.


Not all messages need to be sent to the whole Team Community. Sometimes you may need to message all the players, other times you may only want to message the pitchers. Or create a custom Group Message for your carpool group, rather than the entire team.

We’ve made Team Messaging as flexible as possible to accommodate the wide variety of communication needs between coaches, parents, and players.


There’s a been a schedule change. The team bus is now departing at 3:30pm instead of 3:45, so you send a Group Message to your players. It’s now 3:25 and you haven’t heard from several players. Read Receipts allows you see who has viewed the message and who hasn’t, so you’ll know if you need to move to a Plan B before it’s too late.


Not all communication needs to be around logistics. Perhaps the most requested feature is the ability to share photos and video on GameChanger. Team Messaging makes it easy for parents and fans to share photos and videos from the game with the rest of the team.

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