Pitch Counts

You can set track the pitches in the app by tapping the pitchers name at the top of the scoring screen or you can set pitch count alerts.  

View Pitch Counts

1. Tap the pitcher's name at the top of the scoring screen;
2. Tap View Pitch Counts.
3. Tap a pitcher's name to view a inning by inning break down of pitches and strike percentage.

Set Pitch Count Alerts

1. From the game scoring screen, tap "Menu" in the top left corner.
2. From the dropdown menu, tap "Settings".
3. Here you can set first and second alerts for all pitchers


GameChanger has partnered with PitchSmart.org to help parents, players and coaches avoid overuse injuries and foster long, healthy careers for youth pitchers. Visit http://features.gc.com/pitchsmart/ for more info.

To view Pitch Smart Guidelines in app:

  1. While scoring a game, click on the Pitcher box just above the playing field.
  2. Select 'View Pitch Counts'.
  3. At the bottom of the screen will be the Pitch Smart Guidelines.

Age-specific Pitch Smart Guidelines:

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