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AnchorFinalizing Your Game

Once you have reached the end of your game you will be notified (triggered by your innings/game setting which can be changed in the Settings option under the Game Menu).

You will be instructed to go into the Game Menu and tap the "Game Over" option if this is in fact the end of the game.

If the game was scored offline be sure to re-open the application and sign in to your account once you have re-entered a location with an internet connection (WiFi/3G/4G). For more help with syncing a game that was scored offline, click here.

AnchorPitching Decisions

Upon selecting "Game Over" you will be given the option to assign pitching decisions for the game. However, pitching decisions may also be assigned through the post game box score. For more information on the assignment of pitching decisions, click here.

AnchorPost Game Box Score

After a game has been finalized the post game box score will be available for review from both the app and the GameChanger website. 

To view the game from within the app, select the game from your Schedule & Results page, then select "View Game". A Game must be scored online in order to produce the box score view.

To view the game from the team website, select the game from your team schedule, then open the "Stats" tab form within the GameStream.

AnchorResuming A Finalized Game

If you finalize a game and wish to either resume scoring, or correct a scoring play through the app, you may always re-enter a previously finalized game.

Please follow the steps outlined below to do so:

1) Open the app from the same device and same admin account on which the game was originally scored.
2) Find the game under your team schedule.
3) Select the game.
4) You will be taken to the point in the game where it was previously finalized.

IMPORTANT: Once you finalize a game, a Recap Story is produced. This Recap Story will not update any additional plays you score after the initial finalize. If you are finalizing a game, which you know you will likely resume scoring at a later point in time, we advise you choose the option "Exit Game" rather than "End Game". You may create and score additional games before you resume scoring again.

AnchorManually Overriding the Game State

At any point in the game, the scorekeeper may manually adjust the game state by altering the:

  • Score
  • Inning
  • Inning Side
  • Outs
  • Count  

To Override the game:

1) From the Scoring view within the application press Menu;
2) Select the option, Override;
3) Tap each category and enter in the desired adjustment.

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